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Welcome to my information page. Please take advantage of this space to contact me, learn more about my aviation and writing experience, or just look around.

Beyond business, I am a husband and father. I enjoy sitting on my front porch, book-in-hand, being distracted from reading by my view of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northeast Tennessee.


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Flight Instruction available at:

I am employed as the Chief Flight Instructor of Tennessee Flight Services’ Flight Academy, located at Elizabethton Municipal Airport (0A9) in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Tennessee Flight Services’ Flight Academy provides Private and Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, and Mountain training to every level of pilot, as well as Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks.


For more information about flight instruction or sightseeing flights contact Tennessee Flight Services at:


Flight Instruction

CFI-a, CFI-I, agi, igi

Whether it is acquiring aviation knowledge or the skills necessary to take flight, I love watching students master the art and science of flying airplanes. I am a certified ground and flight instructor in single engine airplanes with an instrument rating. How can we accomplish your training goals today?

aircraft maintenance

Airframe & Powerplant

As an airframe and powerplant rated maintenance technician, I can perform routine maintenance and 100-hour inspections. I have experience with single- and multi-engine piston aircraft repairs and inspections. How can I care for your aircraft servicing needs?

mountain sightseeing

Part 91.147 air tour operator

Tennessee Flight Services is an FAA authorized sightseeing operator able to give air tours over the National Forest and Blue Ridge Mountains. With two aircraft available for air tours and many sightseeing routes to choose from, we can make sure you have a flying experience to remember!



Tennessee 37643

Nashville FSDO


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